Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Moon Geun Young

Name / Moon Geun Young (Mun Geun Yeong).
Date of Birth / Date Established: May 6, 1987.
Gender: Female.
Place of birth: Gwangju (Gwangju, South Korea).
Family: father, mother, sister (Ji-Hyun Moon).
Religion: Buddhism.
Traits: calm, cheerful.
Birthplace: Namoo Actors.
Education: In 2006, he enrolled in the University of Yoon Sung Kwan - Korean Literature degree (Sung Kyun Kwan University) / secondary schools in Gwangju (Gwangju Kukje High School).
Hobbies: reading, music and dance.
Into the entertainment industry first: the KBS TV series with the Potato.


TV / TV show.
* Mary Stayed Out All Night (KBS2, 2010).
* Cinderella's Sister (KBS2, 2010).
* The Painter of the Wind (2008).
* Wife (KBS, 2003).
* The Lost Empire (KBS, 2001).
* Life is Beautiful (KBS, 2001).

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