Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kim Byul cute Korean actress

Korean actress innocent style Kim Byul she has many nice and cool hair style.Which you love one.Even thoght I say that she is innocent style actress but last couple pics she look adult and smart.

Kang Min Kyung of Davichi

Korean duo singer Davichi.This is one of them her name is Kang Min Kyung born in 1990 then now she is only 19 years old.A talent and lovely girl.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Han Ji Eun in pink and red

You will love Han Ji Eun more after see this set as I do love her now back to the previous pst of her I introduce that she is not Han Ji Eun in Full house series but in Korean race queen world.

What a stunning charming she is.This set she first and 2nd pics she wear pink dress and the other are red.The focus I will tell you is her stunning face lets see the first pic that zoom in to see her cute clean beautiful and another 358 words mean like that face.

Lee Yoo Ri Korean Actress

Korean actress for whoever try of race queen.Lee Yoo Ri this girl wellknown in Korea since 2000 to now she appear in many TV Series I just count they are 12 Series she play in (2000-2008).And also act in 2 Korean movies The Customer Is Always Right (2006) and Bunshinsaba (2004). mm.. I just make a good info.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jeon Ye Hee winter fashion

Winter is coming soon feel cold.Try to watch this set Jeon Ye Hee winter fashion for decide your or your girlfriends dress in upcoming winter.The two style withe fichu is nice one but indeed I love her brown coach more.

Choi Ji Hyang will make you love racequeen

Choi Ji Hyang has long legs that too sexy and more sexy when she wear that white tights.So after this you will figure out that Korean race queen are worth to love and to see.Although most of my favorite girls are Japanese but this girl also suitable to add to my list.