Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kang Min Kyung of Davichi

Korean duo singer Davichi.This is one of them her name is Kang Min Kyung born in 1990 then now she is only 19 years old.A talent and lovely girl.


miss girlygirl said...

It is a recent fashion in Japan and Korea and the World, that they make children as pop stars. I am Korean and I am ashamed of this culture.

Being 39 for example, is very young opposed to being 69 or 89.

Young boys and girls of similar age can be attracted to each other.

However, I can not imagine how a man can be attracted to a woman who is 20 years younger than him.

It is absolutely ridiculous if the man is already married,

it drives me mad when a man who is old enough to be father or married men tries to flirt with me just because I am Asian.

I hate these pictures of Asian girls half naked and looking cheap. These certainly give people wrong idea.

Divorced people should go back to their beloved ones or should stay alone for the rest of their lives.

Being under 20 is mere child, they not even a young girl or a young boy.

I know that this kind of thought is very rare, especially in Europe and US, but I think it is rather brave and healthy, rather than recent stupid trend of when someone is over 25, you are old suddenly, and all the young boys and girls are addressed as Ma'am, Madam, or Sir. I just hate to hear that.

I wish people over 50 or 60 be more manly or motherly and think of young people as their own child.

Save the world and stop producing these young whores. I am sick of greedy and sleazy pop music and culture.

miss girlygirl said...

If the people over 60s become more motherly or fatherly to young people, more people would follow them like parents, and they would have more sons and daughters and pupils, and also earn a lot of respects from the people.

I see from trains and buses people who try to imitate young kids, wearing silly clothes, but if you dress correctly, you would look much more handsome and respected and graceful. Like a lady and like a true gentlemen. (Young girls who are not even 40 or 50, are NOT ladies. Stop hurting their heart!)

Equal rights exist in category of races and countries and men and women, but it does not come into age, as there are certain rules in the life. Being 39 for example can not be the same as being 89!

You had your young days, but there are things to do now with your own wisdom,
other ways to look graceful and stylish,
and you can also be proud to be leaders of society.