Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Im Soo Jung

Name : 임수정 (林秀晶), Lim Soo Jung, Im Su Jeong.
Date of Birth / Date Established: July 11, 1980.
Gender: Female.
Height / weight: 167 cm / 45 kg.
Blood Type: A.
Place of birth: South Korea
Family: his brother.
Hobbies: Listening to music, drawing, dancing, playing the piano.
Department: SidusHQ.
First debut: Magazine 'Ceci' cover girl (1998).

Soap opera
[2004] Sorry I Love You (I'm Sorry I Love You - 미안 하다, 사랑 한다 - KBS).

* [2007] Happiness (한글: 행복).
* [2006] OK! It's crazy, crazy "reply" (I'm a Cyborg, but it's Ok - 싸이 보그 지만 괜찮아).
[2006] and I ran through the heart of the New (Lump of Sugar - 각설탕).